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Updated Wednesday December 23, 2015 by East Texas Flag Football.

2017 Cowboy Stadium

• Game Day is Saturday, 10/14 (4pm – 10pm)
• Player Registration Deadline is midnight 9/16
• Each player MUST register online at
• Player registration is $100 & includes 1 stadium tour pass
• Register by midnight 08/09 & get 4 additional tour passes for family & friends
• Anyone who wants to enter the stadium MUST have a tour pass!
• All players MUST present a photo ID when entering the stadium
• All players MUST supply their own set of 14” Sonic Flag-A-Tag available for purchase online or at the field
• Flags purchased during online registration are $5
• Flags purchased at the field are $10
• Mouth guards are not required but are recommended.
• Mouth guards purchased during online registration are $1
• Mouth guards purchased at the field are $2
• Drinking water will be supplied for FREE. Bring a cup
• We are NOT ALLOWED to bring drinks or food into the stadium
• Sport drinks purchased during online registration are $2
• Sport drinks WILL NOT sold at the stadium
• Minors MUST be registered online by a parent or guardian
• Game times will be posted online by 10/11/17
• Format is 5on5 or 6on6 depending on the amount of players
• Ages 15 & up ONLY
• Each team will have 8-12 players per team
• All players will be supplied a team colored practice jersey & MUST be returned at the end of the event
• Each team will get 3 pool play games & at least 1 playoff game
• Make sure to enable text messages on your online account
• There are NO REFUNDS if you decide you don’t want to play for any reason
• Disclaimer: All rules, regulations & procedures may be changed or modified at the league’s discretion for the safety & enjoyment of the majority